Free the Grapes! April 2021 Winery Update

LEGISLATIVE UPDATES: HOT STATES ALABAMA: Moves Closer to OpeningAs you know, Alabama currently bans on winery DTC shipping. SB138, introduced this year, would allow for winery DTC shipping and includes a fulfillment house license requirement.  The bill passed the House unanimously on 4/1/21 and moves to the Senate. UPDATE 4/30: On 4/29/21, the bill, now ... Read more

Analysis of the Impact of A1943/S2683 in New Jersey

Summary: This report analyzes the likely impacts of passage of the New Jersey bill currently being considered by the Assembly and Senate, known as A1943/S2683 (the “Bill”). The Bill would expand the offering of direct-to-consumer (“DTC”) shipping permits to wineries that produce more than 250,000 gallons of wine per year. New Jersey has allowed DTC ... Read more

Free the Grapes! February 2021 Winery Update

LEGISLATIVE UPDATES TENNESSEE: Winery DTC Shipping under Threat! Two new bills in Tennessee pose a grave threat to winery DTC. We need your help reaching TN wine lovers to help oppose the bills ASAP. House Bill 742 and its companion Senate Bill 705 would ban winery shipments to TN residents that move through a fulfillment ... Read more

Free the Grapes! July 2020 Winery Update

Legislative Updates KENTUCKY: DTC Permits PostponedKentucky’s new law allowing licensed shipments of wine, beer and spirits goes into effect today, July 15. But as Wine Institute reported Monday: “Wine Institute had hoped that the state would allow licensing and shipping to take place in parallel with the process of drafting and enacting the regulations. However, ... Read more

Free the Grapes! April 2020 Winery Update

LEGISLATIVE UPDATES Even with the Coronavirus pandemic dominating the news, and state legislatures, there is still news to report on wine direct shipping. KENTUCKY BECOMES 46TH LEGAL STATE FOR WINERY DTC SHIPPING As reported by Wine Institute, April 8:Kentucky’s New DTC Shipping Rules Become LawKentucky’s new law to allow for the direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping of ... Read more

Free the Grapes! October 2019 Winery Update

DTC Wine Symposium: Jan 22-23, 2020Hilton Concord Hotel Concord, CA The national summit on DTC sales and marketing – and the primary fundraiser for Free the Grapes! – returns this January.  Registration is now open. Workshops, Town Halls and Sponsor Sessions will offer practical solutions to common challenges and opportunities, such as club member retention, ... Read more

Free the Grapes! July 2019 Winery Update

DTC Wine Symposium Update Yes, we are six months away from the January 2020 DTC Wine Symposium but the Steering Committee has been hard at work this summer. Workshop Sessions: Want to speak?The Steering Committee has identified several potential topics. Check out the Request for Proposal. Roundtable and Town Hall Sessions: What topics should we cover? ... Read more

Free the Grapes! April 2019 Winery Update

Hot States It’s a busy year for DTC fix-it legislation as well as efforts to overturn capacity caps and open new states.   Delaware: Senate Bill 49 was introduced March 19 to open the state for winery DTC.  Unfortunately, like it’s 2018 predecessor House Bill 165, SB49 allows winery shipping but bans shipments of any ... Read more

Free the Grapes! March 2019 Winery Update

The Hot States We have a lot to report since our last update in mid-January. New Jersey: We continue to aggressively leverage local press coverage and consumer support for two favorable bills which, if passed, will allow wineries producing more than 250,000 gallons of wine each vintage to ship. We strongly encourage you to include ... Read more

Free the Grapes! January 2019 Update

January 11, 2019 2018: YEAR IN REVIEW On January 3, Free the Grapes! and Wine Institute presented a status update on FTG actions to the public policy committee of the Napa Valley Vintners. We want to share highlights from that meeting because it provided a good overview of the role of Free the Grapes!, where we ... Read more