Kentucky Becomes 46th Legal State for Winery DTC Shipping

As reported by Wine Institute, April 8, 2020 Kentucky’s New DTC Shipping Rules Become Law Kentucky’s new law to allow for the direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping of wine, beer and spirits by producers became law on April 7, 2020. The effective date of the law is yet to be determined, as it will be 90 days ... Read more

What “Amazon Effect?” Wholesalers Conflate Issues

Wholesalers and retailers have a new boogeyman to scare legislators.  It’s called Amazon. And in a few states they are conflating the so-called “Amazon effect” to prevent the expansion of consumer choice with winery direct shipping. The only problem is that it fails the simplest fact checking. Here’s how they use the story line: They ... Read more

Why is Retailer DTC Shipping So Restricted?

Why can wineries ship to 94% of the adult population, but retailers only 22%? The short answer: commitment to a long-term, national solution. For more than three decades, wineries across the U.S. have worked to implement a legal, regulated DTC sales channel. This channel was never intended to replace, but to augment, the traditional 3-tier ... Read more

What is DTC Shipping?

If you are a winery, this may seem like a basic question. Doesn’t everyone know that DTC shipments are made from a licensed business – such as a winery licensee or a retailer licensee – through a common carrier to an adult consumer? Well, no. Outside the wine industry, the definition gets cloudy, the implications ... Read more