New Jersey: Time is Running Out on Wine Shipping Legislation!

Updated November 12, 2019

Dear Wine Lovers of New Jersey,

Time is running out on this legislative session and legislators are stalling a vote on two favorable direct wine shipping bills!!

New Jersey is one of only two states that bans winery-to-consumer shipments from wineries that produce more than 250,000 gallons each year.  It also applies this arbitrary “capacity cap” prohibition on many small and medium-sized wineries owned by larger wineries.

Fortunately, two good bills with bipartisan sponsorship were introduced in 2018 that would, if passed, allow wineries bigger than the capacity cap to get the permit to direct ship into New Jersey.

This legislative session ends on January 14, 2020 and we have to ask legislators to vote on these bills NOW.  It’s time to allow ALL licensed wineries to ship wine to the homes and offices of New Jersey wine drinkers.


  1. Write Your Legislators: Take two minutes to personalize your message below and voice your support.
  2. Join News and updates and pending legislation.
  3. Inform Your Friends and Colleagues: Legislators really do listen to consumers and we need wine lovers to speak up.


We believe that consumers should determine which wines they can purchase, not state laws. Hundreds of wineries that have successfully grown their brands to make more than 250,000 gallons a year shouldn’t be penalized by New Jersey for being big or being owned by a bigger winery.

Removing this barrier to winery direct shipping won’t just help consumers. New Jersey stands to gain $4 million a year in new revenue from sales and excise taxes, and for license fees new wine shippers would be required to pay, according to research by Wine Institute.

Similar capacity caps on winery shipping were repealed in Arizona and Massachusetts. Please join the cause and contact your state legislators today, urging them to support Senate bill 2496 and Assembly bill 3867 — positive, proven legislation that better serves consumers and state government.

Together with you, we hope to replace New Jersey’s archaic, burdensome provisions and bring consumers free choice.

Thank you for your support!

Free the Grapes!