New Jersey: Let's Free the Grapes in 2020!

Updated August 5, 2020

Dear Wine Lovers of New Jersey,

Please take a moment to support wine direct shipping legislation that will, if passed, allow more wineries to ship to their New Jersey customers by contacting your state legislators today. 

As you may know, New Jersey is one of only two states that bans winery-to-consumer shipments from wineries producing more than 250,000 gallons (106,000 cases) each vintage. It also prohibits many small and medium-sized wineries owned by larger wineries from shipping directly to you. This “capacity cap” prevents wine shipping from wineries responsible for producing more than 90% of U.S. wine. And with COVID restrictions on restaurantsretail sales and travel, now is the time to address this archaic restriction on consumer access  

Twnew bills have been introduced in New Jersey to remove the capacity cap and allow ALL U.S. wineries to get the necessary permit to direct ship wine. Its time to give New Jersey legislators notice that you want real choice. It’s time to allow ALL wineries to ship wine to New Jersey wine drinkers. 


  1. Write Your Legislators: Take two minutes to personalize our sample message below and voice your support. 
  2. Join for news and updates and pending legislation. 
  3. Email a Link to Your Friends and Colleagues: See the email link below. Legislators really do listen to consumers and we need wine lovers to speak up. 


At a time when we’re all shopping from home more, Free the Grapes! believes consumers like you, not state law, should decide which wines you can enjoy. Wineries that have successfully grown their brands to make more than 106,000 cases each vintage should not be penalized by New Jersey for being too big or for being owned by a big winery. Some New Jersey wineries approaching the capacity cap in their production may soon have to stop shipping to New Jersey consumers. 

Removing this barrier to winery direct shipping won’t just help consumersNew Jersey stands to gain $6.5 million a year in new sales and excise taxes, as well as permit fees, from new winery shippers according to research by Wine Institute. 

Please join the cause and contact your state Assemblyman and Senator today, urging them to support the “Free the Grapes!” bills -– S.2683 and A.1943 Together with you, we hope to replace New Jersey’s archaic, burdensome wine shipping provisions. 

Thank you for your support!
Free the Grapes!