Alaska: Let's Bring Reasonable Wine Direct Shipping to Alaska!

Updated April 15, 2022

Dear Wine Lovers of Alaska,

In summary, we will keep you informed of any new developments with Senate Bill 9.

Now, the details.

As previously reported, Alaska has had a favorable and relatively open state policy toward winery to consumer shipments. This year, the state legislature is considering Senate Bill 9, which would add provisions around shipments of wine which are common in other states.

During consideration of SB9, the bill was amended to severely limit the amount of wine you could have shipped directly from a winery to 3 cases with a 1 case/transaction limit.

The wine industry and, fortunately, many of you provided useful testimony prior to the March 30 House Finance Committee hearing resulting in a successful amendment increasing the annual shipping limits from 3 cases to 12 cases per year , and the per transaction limit from 1 case to 2 cases.

While most states have an annual shipping limit of 12-24 cases per person per winery, without a per transaction limit, the amendment was a big improvement.

Wine industry lobbyists are staying in close contact with legislators and we will forward any updates we receive from them to you. Our goal is to ensure consumer choice and, for Alaska consumers, that means avoiding any additional, onerous amendments!

Thanks again to those of you who wrote and called your legislators!

Free the Grapes!