Ohio: Update from 2019

Dear Wine Lovers of Ohio,

Unfortunately, Ohio continues to be one of only two states that bans winery-to-consumer shipments from wineries or wine companies producing more than 250,000 gallons per year.

Similar “capacity cap” laws have been overturned in states like Arizona and Massachusetts.

We believe that consumers like you, not special interests, should determine which wines you can enjoy and how you purchase them. Hundreds of wineries have successfully grown their businesses over 250,000 gallons, and those wineries produce 90% or more of US wine.

We are hoping to have favorable bills to support in 2020 and will inform you when that occurs.

In the meantime, please follow our Ohio page on Facebook for news and updates.

Together with you, we hope to support a bill that replaces Ohio’s burdensome provisions.

Thank you for your support!
Free the Grapes!