Update on Louisiana House Bill 393

Updated May 26, 2021

Dear Louisiana Wine Lovers:

House Bill 393 passed the House and was scheduled for a vote in the Senate Judiciary B Committee yesterday, May 25, 2021. Unfortunately, there was not enough committee support for the bill and so it was pulled from consideration.

While this is certainly disappointing, we’ve been informed that we can expect that a similar bill will be introduced again next year.

As background, Louisiana state law bans winery-to-consumer shipments of wines that are available in any retailer or restaurant in the state. If you live in Baton Rouge and the only retailer in Louisiana carrying your favorite winery’s Chardonnay is in New Orleans, you must drive to New Orleans to purchase that wine – the winery cannot ship it to you. Of the 46 states that allow winery-to-consumer shipments — and soon to be 47 with the addition of Alabama in August 2021 — only Indiana, Wyoming and Louisiana ban a winery from selling to consumers any wines that are sold by an in-state wholesaler. House Bill 393, sponsored by Representative Joseph Orgeron, would have made more wines available to you, not limit your purchases to a few retail outlets, and would expand your ability to receive periodic wine club shipments.

We believe that you should have the freedom to determine which wines you can enjoy and how you purchase them. For more background you can read our press release here on HB 393.

Together with you, we hope to expand wine availability in the Pelican State.

Thanks to all of you who wrote your state legislators in support of winery direct shipping and consumer choice!

Free the Grapes!