Wine Shipping Bill Passes House, Faces Opposition in Senate

Update 5/11/2021

Dear Wine Lovers of Louisiana,

Yesterday, favorable House Bill 393 passed the House and moved to the Senate where it will face stiff opposition by entrenched special interests.  We need your help!

HB 393 does one simple thing for you: it would allow licensed American wineries to ship you wines even if the winery has a Louisiana wholesaler. Only Wyoming, Indiana, and Louisiana have a similar ban.

Sponsored by Representative Joseph Orgeron, HB 393 would make more wines available to you, not limit you to only buying from a few retail outlets, and would expand your ability to receive periodic wine club shipments.

We need wine lovers to contact members of the Senate Judiciary B Committee who will vote on House Bill 393 on May 18 or 25. Here’s how.


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Not surprisingly, Louisiana alcohol wholesalers and retailers are lobbying aggressively against HB 393, making false claims of job losses and the threat of “tainted” wine, all without any evidence. They also claim it allows retailer-to-consumer direct shipping, which it does not concern — retailer-to-consumer shipping has been legal in LA for years.  HB 393 merely brings Louisiana’s winery shipping statute in line with the other states that allow legal, regulated winery-to-consumer direct shipping.

We believe that you – not powerful special interests – should have the freedom to determine which wines you can enjoy and how you purchase them. There are more than 10,000 wineries in the United States and HB 393 will allow more of them to fulfill consumer demand in Louisiana.

Together, let’s expand wine availability in the Pelican State. Thank you!

Free the Grapes!