Kentucky: Senate Bill 99 Dies in Committee

Updated May 20, 2019

Dear Wine Lovers of Kentucky,

Unfortunately we will have to wait another year to bring winery to consumer direct shipping to Kentucky.

If it passed, Senate Bill 99 would have created a new DTC shippers permit replacing the on‑site bill passed in 2018, which is not working for wineries or consumers. SB 99 passed the state Senate February 14, 2019 with a 29-5 vote. In the House, however, it faced opposition from the Kentucky Distillers Association who were unhappy that spirits were not included in the wine-only bill. This opposition is puzzling since it would not effect in-state distiller shipments to out of state consumers; the laws governing shipments are determined by the state it is shipped to, not from.  

Thanks to all of you who supported legal, regulated direct wine shipments by writing your state legislators. We hope to be back next year, to once again support a favorable bill that works for wine lovers. As of this writing, Kentucky is one of only five states with an archaic ban on winery-to-consumer direct shipments.

Free the Grapes!