Indiana: Let's Remove the Winery Lockout!

Update: February 11, 2019

Dear Indiana Wine Lovers,

Indiana is one of 45 states that allows legal direct to consumer shipments from licensed wineries. But the Hoosier State stands out from the other states in one important and anti-competitive way: wineries must choose either to sell their wines through wholesaler middlemen, or directly to consumers, but not both. The wholesaler-winery relationship is an important one as it is the only way a winery can sell their wines to Indiana’s restaurants and liquor stores.

In the end, guess who loses? You!

Thanks to people like you for getting involved, we expect legislation to be filed to repeal the law forcing wineries to make a choice between the traditional wholesale route and direct to consumers. We appreciate your continued efforts in support of ending the winery lockout and will issue updates as developments warrant.

Free the Grapes!