Arkansas: Let's Free the Grapes!

Dear Wine Lovers of Arkansas,

Arkansas is the only state that requires you to visit the winery premises before that winery can ship directly to you. It also requires shipments to go to private residences rather than businesses, which can be inconvenient.

We encourage you to contact your state legislators today and urge them to remove the “winery visit penalty” and make legal, regulated shipping in Arkansas work as smooth as it does in the majority of other states. We hope to be able to support positive legislation that serves consumers, state governments and regulatory agencies; when that occurs we will contact you for support.

Here is what you can do in the meantime.


  1. Write Your Legislators: Take two minutes and personalize our message.
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Together with you, we hope to support a favorable bill and expand consumer choice.

Thank you for your support!
Free the Grapes!