Second Set of DTC Wine Symposium 2020 Files: Social Media Edition

As we mentioned last Friday, the Board of Free the Grapes! has made presentation files from January’s sold-out DTC Wine Symposium available here.

Normally available to registrants only, these presentation files include Workshop and Sponsor Session PDFs that can stand on their own, as well as Keynote presentation videos. The files can inspire creative thinking or just provide good reminders while the industry adjusts DTC strategies to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Learn in Place. Shelter in Place 

For our second Friday installment, we are highlighting two presentations that concern Social Media:

  1. Workshop PDF File: "Staying Legal with Social Media"
  2. Workshop PDF File: "Using Social Media to Move the Needle."  

While the California ABC has altered some winery advertising regulations in the state since this presentation was provided in January, the regulators are still actively monitoring wineries for compliance. Tracy Genesen, Vice President and General Counsel at Wine Institute provided a practical approach for social media marketers (even those without a law degree!). 

Another high-scoring Workshop Session provided useful tips for influencer marketing, social ads, Instagram stories and more. "Using Social Media to Move the Needle" was presented by Tamara Bingham, Jackson Family Wines; Laura Perret Fontana, consultant; Camille Guimaraes, Gundlach Bundschu; and Taylor Eason, Cork & Fork Digital Media. It's another winner.

Next week: "Send Better Email!"

Enjoy the decks!  Stay safe and be well.
Free the Grapes!