Free the Grapes! Uncorks Presentation Files from DTC Wine Symposium 2020

LIP While We SIP

The Board of Free the Grapes! has made presentation files from January’s sold-out DTC Wine Symposium available here.

Normally available to registrants only, these presentation files include Workshop PDFs and Keynote presentation videos which can be especially useful while the wine industry adjusts DTC strategies to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Learn in Place While We Shelter in Place

Each Friday for the next several weeks, Free the Grapes! will highlight a marketing theme and suggest relevant presentation files which can stand alone, and that offer practical practical solutions to common challenges, case studies and thought-provoking ideas.

This weeks’ theme: Customer Service:

  1. Workshop PDF File: Customer Service in the Digital Age.
  2. Keynote Video File: Conversational Bots for Brands.

Consumers expect more ways to interact with companies than ever, and many wineries are struggling to maintain customer service levels during the Pandemic. The Workshop Session, “Customer Service in the Digital Age,” considered the costs and benefits of technologies such as live chat, SMS and help widgets. The PDF file is complete enough to provide useful insights even without its stellar panel:  Laurie Millotte, Chief Amazement Officer, Outshinery; Ed Feuchuk, VP Marketing, Farm Collective Napa Valley; and Miryam Chae, Director of DTC, Constellation.

The Keynote video, “Conversational Bots for Brands,” by Seth Greenfield, CEO of imperson, zeroes in on chatbots and how a variety of global companies are deploying this customer service technology.