Let's Bring Retailer Wine Direct Shipping to Utah

Dear Wine Lovers of Utah,

Many states continue to have an archaic ban on interstate retailer-to-consumer wine shipments. This restricts consumer choice by, for example, prohibiting retailer shipments on imported and specialty wines.

We believe that consumers, not special interests, should choose the wines they wish to purchase and their method and place of purchase.  Model direct shipping legislation is working successfully in several states for retailers, and in most states for wineries, which allow for legal, regulated shipments to consumers’ homes and offices. These laws provide additional state tax revenues, satisfy consumer demand, and meet regulatory requirements in a dynamic marketplace.

But the majority of states still ban interstate, retailer-to-consumer wine shipments.


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Together with you, we hope to support a bill to replace outdated bans on retailer-to-consumer direct wine shipments, and to expand consumer choice for you.

Thank you for your support!