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Why is Retailer DTC Shipping So Restricted?

calendarJanuary 9, 2018 bookmarkBlog authorby Jeremy Benson

Why can wineries ship to 94% of the adult population, but retailers only 22%? The short answer: commitment to a long-term, national solution.

For more than three decades, wineries across the U.S. have worked to implement a legal, regulated DTC sales channel. This channel was never intended to replace, but to augment, the traditional 3-tier system – that is, to work within the system for change. Read More →

What is DTC Shipping?

calendarDecember 17, 2017 bookmarkBlog authorby Jeremy Benson

If you are a winery, this may seem like a basic question.

Doesn’t everyone know that DTC shipments are made from a licensed business – such as a winery licensee or a retailer licensee – through a common carrier to an adult consumer?

Well, no. Outside the wine industry, the definition gets cloudy, the implications a bit tricky. Read More →